TikToker goes viral after being laid off with destructive revenge as the internet loves it

Screenshot of woman smashing up laptop with tiktok logoTikTok: LyssG717

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after she got revenge on her former employees after they decided to lay her off, and the internet is completely on her side.

While TikTok may have started out life as a place for creatives to share their work, it has become a social media platform that covers pretty much every corner of the internet these days. 

There are tonnes of viral videos being shared on a daily basis, with many users taking to the short-form video app to document their daily lives. That includes plenty of ups, as well as low points too, especially when it comes to talking about work. 

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In some cases, TikTokers have used the app to put their former employees on blast after they’ve been fired. One user even went viral when she made a Wes Anderson-style video about the moment she found she was let go.

Woman goes viral smashing laptop after being let go from job

Well, TikToker Lyss (LyssG717) wasn’t as artistic with her video, as she found out that she’d been let go from her job after three years in mid-September. 

Instead, she took a more spiteful route. Lyss decided to smash up the laptop that her company had provided for her and share that rage with the world. “POV: you’re watching me react to getting laid off by a company who made 50 billion in sales last year,” her caption said.

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Her video has racked up over 700,000 views as of writing, with the internet being very much on her side about the whole thing. 

“Honestly slay, enjoy your time off!!” commented one viewer. “Seems like a fair trade, hope your next chapter is amazing,” added another. “This was so therapeutic to watch thank you so much,” another said.

Other commenters filled the replies with similar stories about how they ‘borrowed’ equipment upon being let go from jobs and haven’t given it back. Which, seems like a fair trade.

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