TikToker says she couldn’t get her drive-thru order due to workers’ argument

TikToker at drive-thruTikTok: brooklyninspiress

A frustrated TikToker says she couldn’t get her Wendy’s drive-thru order because workers were arguing.

Content creator brooklyninspiress claims Wendy’s employees had her “messed up,” as they made her wait in line while they were arguing.

In a viral clip, which has amassed over 1.1 million views, customer Brooklyn shared her interaction with the workers, saying her food was cold when she finally got it.

She starts the TikTok video by revealing that she had been honking her car horn for the last three minutes, but to no avail.

When an employee finally opened the drive-thru window, she told him “I just want my money back,” and asked for a refund.

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The employee responded with something unintelligible, with the interaction ultimately prompting another refund request.

The creator then went on to explain that she heard them arguing for the previous 10 minutes, and will want a refund if her food is cold.

“Whatever you’re mad about in there, it’s not at me,” she said. “But y’all been arguing for 10 minutes, and my food’s been sitting here for five minutes. I’m not trying to be rude or disrespectful, but I didn’t appreciate the way you was rude. So who’s your manager on duty?”

The employees then closed the drive-thru window, but Brooklyn refused to not leave the line until she received a refund. Another employee came to the window and told her to just talk to him.

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“I’m not leaving until y’all give me my money back,” Brooklyn said. “The manager needs to come and be a manager and talk to me.” She then calls them out for not offering to give her a refund, or remake her food which is cold.

In another video, the TikToker said that the police were called on her, seemingly by the employees. “I’m leaving when the police tell me to,” she said. “At this point, yeah it’s pride, I probably could leave, and I’m a Christian I probably should take the high road, but absolutely not.”

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The police eventually arrived and Brooklyn apologized. The police then asked her to pull off to the side so they could talk, as the cop involved tried to help her get her money back.

In a recent video, Brooklyn revealed that she still hasn’t received a refund, but she plans to dispute the issue to hold the company accountable.