TikToker goes viral getting a tattoo with Tinder match on first date

TikToker films herself getting a tattoo with Tinder match on first dateTIKTOK: lil.allyway

A TikToker went viral after filming herself getting a tattoo with her Tinder match – on their very first date, sparking a debate among viewers.

The Australian content creator filmed herself getting a tattoo with a man she just met on Tinder, sharing highlights of their encounter on TikTok as she got the inking on their first date.

In the viral video, TikToker Lil.Allyway shared multiple parts of the date, which included a walk on the beach and playing pool in a bar. The highlight of the date, however, was getting permanently inked with her Tinder match.

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“Me and my Tinder match decided to get tattoos on our first date,” she wrote in text over the video, explaining she was unsure of the type of tattoo design she would get until arriving at the shop. 

Footage in the video shows she ended up getting a tattoo on the back of her neck, while her date got his body modification on the inside of his forearm.

“This is your sign to do this because it’s good for the plot,” she captioned the video which has so far amassed over 524,000 views.

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Viewers react to TikToker getting tattoo on first date

Despite the fact they had only just met, many TikTok users left positive comments on the video, with some even saying they too wanted to get tattooed on their first date.

“I want to do this on a first date,” one user wrote. “Every love story either ends in forever or heartbreak, worth the gamble,” another added.

Other users actually revealed they had done the same thing themselves before. “I did this for a first date, no regrets it’s an EXCELLENT STORY,” one user shared.

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“Did this with my bf. We’ve been together 4 years now and expecting our first child,” someone else commented.

It’s unclear whether the TikToker went for a second date with her Tinder match, as she hasn’t shared any updates since uploading the viral video.