Man goes viral after failing to fit in extremely small Airbnb shower

Molly Byrne
small airbnb shower

A man was staying in an Airbnb while abroad, however their shower space was less accommodating than normal.

When traveler and TikToker Kane was staying abroad in an Airbnb, he couldn’t have imagined that their shower space would be so small that he wouldn’t be able to use it.

The shower was actually so small that Kane compared it to one at a hostel, as hostels are known for having less luxurious amenities than Airbnbs and hotels.

Since posting his now-viral TikTok, viewers have reacted by laughing along with Kane and his friends who were also laughing at the rather tiny problem.

Airbnb shower so small that man couldn’t bend over 

Though Kane laughed off not being able to fit inside his Airbnb shower, he wasn’t too happy about not being able to bathe during his stay, captioning his TikTok, “POV you don’t fit in the Airbnb shower hashtag not washing for the weekend.”

Unfortunately, Kane wasn’t over-exaggerating, as he wasn’t even able to bend over while standing in the small shower space.

Kane was also too tall for the shower head to flow atop his head like normal. Quite frankly, the only thing Kane would have been able to wash would have been his shoulders.

Viewers of Kane’s TikTok have since reacted by saying his accent made the video even more hilarious, especially with his friends laughing at him in the background.

Others, who admitted they were smaller in size than Kane, also said they, too, wouldn’t be able to fit in the Airbnb’s shower.

Another viewer added that being in such a small shower would make them “claustrophobic,” rightfully so.

Though Kane’s amenities weren’t accommodating, he didn’t specify if he spoke with the Airbnb host for partial payment back after not being able to use half of the bathroom.