TikToker quits her job at Target in viral video

Funny screenshot from viral TikTok videoTIKTOK: BRENNAKATHLEENXO/WIKIMEDIA

A former Target employee quit her job in a hilarious viral TikTok video, sharing obstacles she struggled with at her workplace.

The TikToker, Brenna (brennakathleenxo), had been posting about working at the department store for almost two years before finally deciding to quit.

The one-minute video features Hannah Montana’s song ‘I’ll Always Remember You,’ a song commonly used on the social media app to imply hilarious self-deprecating mishaps.

Throughout the video, Brenna shows all the struggles she’d dealt with working at Target, while posing at different locations in the store.

“The register where 13-year-old boys with fake mustaches tried to buy wine from me,” Brenna wrote in the video text, detailing just one of her many mishaps. “The ENTER ONLY sign no one ever knows how to read,” she added, as she’s seen pointing at the obvious sign.

Brenna also mentions offices she was yelled at in for trying to provide constructive feedback, a glass window that customers tried to bust down, and discovering that a colleague had called Target corporate about the TikTok videos she’d previously made in the store.

She ended the video by sharing arguably the biggest nuisance an employee could face. “My home where I was verbally abused by Karens daily,” Brenna wrote, as she is seen standing by the store’s returns and exchanges counter.

TikTok reacts to Target worker quitting her job

The light-hearted video posted on July 17 has gone viral with over 800,000 views. It’s captioned “PROMOTED TO GUEST!!!” and includes the hashtag “quitting.”

Many commenters found the video amusing and relatable, and some former Target employees even shared their own experiences working there.

“I got talked to my second day of work at target because I ‘gave off the vibe of being better than everyone,’ I was 19. Lol worst job of my life,” one user wrote.

Most former Target employees commenting had also been thrilled about quitting their job.

“Nothing was better than realizing that I never had to clock into a target again in my life,” one user wrote. Another user agreed, writing, “The day I quit was the day I regained my sanity.”

“Promoted myself to guest 6 years ago, best decision ever!” a former employee wrote.

The TikToker has yet to give an update on what she’s been up to since quitting.

Last month, another TikToker went viral on the app, after quitting his job as a Staples employee. The man celebrated leaving his job by popping a champagne in the viral clip which has garnered almost two million views.