Renter disgusts viewers after uncovering source of “feral” smell in her home

Connor Bennett
Screenshot of inside shower with cigarette butts

A woman has gone viral on TikTok by uncovering the “feral” reason behind a disgusting smell that had been plaguing her home, and users are pretty disgusted by it.

Over the last few years, TikTok has firmly entrenched itself in social media users’ daily routines. Many flock to the video-sharing platform for viral videos, with others using it to share updates on their day-to-day lives. 

As a result, many have started using TikTok to show off problems they’ve got around the home, looking for solutions that viewers may have to their DIY problems. 

In the case of Australian TikToker Julia Lang-Malone, she had a problem with the shower in her rented home as it was producing a disgusting smell and throwing up dirt every time she cleaned it. 

After getting around 4 million views on one video showing her problem, the Aussie was implored to break open the metal barrier around her shower door and see what was inside. 

Well, when she did so, she got a bit of a shock as it was actually cigarettes that had been stuffed down there over the years by a previous renter. “Holy shit, oh my god,” she said upon finding the cigarette butts, with someone also retching in the background of her clip.

They weren’t alone in being repulsed by it, as users flooded the comments with their disgust.  “This is feral,” said one. “I wanna be sick, oh my god,” added another. “So, this is how the Last of Us starts,” another commented. 

The TikToker told Yahoo News that there were “thousands” of used cigarettes stuffed down there, with the whole house also being plagued by damage from previous tenants. 

Julia noted that they’d also “wrecked” the shower to find the cause of the issue, and hopefully, she can get it figured out before long because needs to deal with that disgusting sight longer than a few seconds.

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