Internet is obsessed with trying to figure out this BBQ TikToker’s age

BBQwithBigJake preparing a meal in his TikTokTikTok: @bbqwithbigjake

TikToker BBQwithBigJake went viral on TikTok, all because of speculation and theory-crafting related to his age.

In a viral April 24 TikTok video with almost 8 million views, @bbqwithbigjake shared what he called a “poor man’s burnt ends” recipe for those who want to enjoy BBQ on a budget.

The video, however, did not go viral because of the ingenuity of his budget recipe.

Instead, the comment section of the video has become a forum for rampant speculation about Jake’s age, because according to one of the many such comments Jake “could be 12, could be 40.”

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TikTok reacts to the confusing looks of Jake

TikTok users in the comments were confused about BigJake’s age, as it is extremely hard to guess based on his appearance and face.

“Is he old or young? I can’t tell,” reads the most-liked comment under the TikTok. Followed up by a similar comment of the same nature: “he either 17, or 47.”

Some other users pointed out that Jake looks very cheerful in the video.

“Dude knows something funny but won’t tell us,” said one user. Another comment broadly states: “Seems to have such a gentle soul.”

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Whatever the reason for his viral breakout, his newfound fans seem to be sticking around thanks to the quality of his cooking. Many of the comments not related to his looks solidify that, as many users have thanked Jake for his recipes and he often answers questions from viewers related to recipes themselves.

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