TikToker goes viral after accusing Vinnie Hacker of unfollowing her because she’s not blonde

Instagram: VinnieHacker, TikTok: Serenaasums

TikTok creator Serena divided viewers after accusing Vinnie Hacker of unfollowing her because he found out she “wasn’t blonde.”

Serenaaasums over on TikTok has a sizeable audience of over 118,000 followers with videos ranging from 50,000 to 300,000 views, some even breaking into the multiple million views territory.

20-year-old Vinnie Hacker on the other hand is a viral sensation boasting over 15 million followers on TikTok and 5.6 million on Instagram. The content creator faced some backlash this year for posing with a cigarette.

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Vinnie and Serena did not collaborate or even interact publicly as far as the wider audience is aware, but viewers were divided after Serena made a TikTok video captioned “me cuz Vinnie unadded since he found out i wasn’t blonde.”

Serena accuses Vinnie Hacker of unfollowing her

It is not clearly stated what social media Serena had in mind when making the post, as of the time of writing this article the comment section has been disabled.

While the comments are not available, some reactions of Vinnie’s fans can be found under the TeaTok Talk Instagram post reporting on the situation.

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“When will yall realize Vinnie will never do these things, leave this man alone already. Bro does everything to stay out of drama and people throw around false rumors for clout,” said one user under the post.

While others pointed out that Vinnie may have unfollowed the TikToker because of her age.

“I love Vinnie but it’s insane y’all straight attacking a child like this. Yes, most probably he unfollowed her because of her age,” another Vinnie fan shared their thoughts on the situation.

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The post is continuing to stir debate on the Instagram tea page.