TikToker finds human hair from 1800s inside antique book she bought online

Kawter Abed
Viral TikTok video screenshots

A TikToker was surprised to find human pieces of hair from the 19th century, inside an antique book she bought off the internet.

The content creator, who posts under the handle thedyerghoulhouse, went viral after sharing a short clip of her astonishing discovery.

In the video, she reveals a small leather book with a pocket inside the cover. Inside that pocket, she finds several pieces of human hair, marked with dates from the 19th century.

The TikToker specializes in gothic and Victorian content, and often shares “spooky” videos to her 118,000 followers.

While many would be spooked out about finding chunks of human hair inside a book, thedyerghoulhouse did not seem to mind it, as she posted a follow-up video revealing that she decided to frame the hair.

Viewers react to TikToker’s unusual discovery

The viral video accumulated almost 2 million views in three days. Not knowing what to do with the collection of 1800s hair, thedyerghoulhouse captioned the video: “Question is what do I do with them?”

Intrigued viewers were quick to comment, suggesting different ideas for the TikToker.

“Research them! I do that all the time with my Victorian photo albums” one viewer suggested

“It’s sentimental, treat them with kindness and respect please” another viewer wrote, to which the TikToker replied “Of course.”

Other viewers were creeped out that the hair might belong to a Victorian serial killer.

“Not me screaming CALL THE POLICE and immediately thought about some serial killer” one of the top comments read.

“Me thinking it’s trophies from a serial killer in the 1800s” another comment read.

While many were alarmed by the idea of keeping a dead person’s hair, this practice is actually more common than people realize.

Antique keepsakes are everywhere in the U.S., and the ‘Antique Human Hair‘ tag on Etsy is often used to buy or sell artifacts made from antique hair.