TikToker devastated after going out with Mom and spotting Dad with “side chick”

Dylan Horetski
Lori mom and dad

A TikToker has gone viral after going out to dinner with her mom, just to find her dad across the restaurant with his “side chick.”

When Lori, who goes by the name _eria0 on TikTok, went out to dinner with her mother at Logans Steakhouse recently, she was probably expecting a nice uneventful dinner.

After sitting down at their table, Lori noticed her dad at a table across the restaurant with another woman so she began recording a video that she posted to TikTok.

It’s gotten almost half a million views in the days since it was uploaded, and fans took to the comments to share their thoughts.

TikToker finds dad with his “side chick”

The video shows Lori’s mom across the table before panning over to a man across the room sitting with another woman. You can hear her mother ask: “You see your daddy?”

On a text overlay, Lori added: “Lmfao. I’m out to eat with my momma and my daddy out to eat with his girlfriend.”

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Hundreds of fans took to the comments to express their thoughts about the video.

One user said: “Mom is calm cool and collected, she knows what to do and how to handle it.”

“I would have gone and sat right on the side of them ordered food and told the waitress to put on his bill,” another replied.

Many more were theorizing whether or not the situation was set up, prompting Lori to explain: “I just went there randomly, we were going to a dinner party at briquettes but it got canceled last minute so we decided to still go somewhere else.”

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