TikToker breaks $700 flashlight attempting to cook an egg

Dylan Horetski
TikToker Kyle Krueger

TikToker Kyle Krueger has gone viral on the app after attempting to use his $700 flashlight to cook an egg, but managed to break the flashlight instead.

Kyle Krueger has amassed over two million followers on TikTok thanks to his tech-related videos. Among those, however, are videos where he shows off his “worlds brightest flashlight” the Imalent MS18.

At 100,000 Lumens, the flashlight creates so much heat that it requires its own cooling source.

So of course, Kruegers fans talked him into attempting to cook an egg on top of his flashlight and it ended in disaster.

TikToker accidentally breaks $700 flashlight

On August 10, Kyle responded to a comment asking him to cook an egg on top of the flashlight. He took the flashlight outside, covered it in aluminum foil, cracked an egg on it, and turned the light on.

“This thing gets pretty hot so it should be able to cook an egg on top,” he explained.

It began to cook the food for a few seconds before abruptly turning off. Thinking that the battery died, he took to back inside to charge.

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The TikToker went on to upload another video the next day explaining that the flashlight is officially dead.

“I would just get another one but these are $700. But, 100k likes and ill buy another one,” he explained.

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In another update, Kyle revealed that the manufacturer of the flashlight is sending him a new battery in an attempt to repair it so he can get back to creating content.

The saga isn’t over yet, as it’s unclear whether or not it’s the battery at fault or if he managed to melt something inside of the light itself.

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