TikToker NoseBleedFitz allegedly threatens to “beat the s**t” out of Max Balegde over merch - Dexerto

TikToker NoseBleedFitz allegedly threatens to “beat the s**t” out of Max Balegde over merch

Published: 19/Jul/2021 12:16 Updated: 19/Jul/2021 12:25

by Ed Barnes


British TikToker Bella Fitz allegedly threatened to “beat the dog s**t out of you and your boyfriend” to fellow popular TikToker Max Balegde. 

Fitz, known as “NoseBleedFitz”, allegedly made the comments in a voice note to Balegde after tensions escalated between the pair over a catchphrase.

Balegde posted the video containing the voice note on his TikTok and Twitter saying the purpose was to “clear” his name.

He said that a video posted by Fitz led to a lot of “hate comments across all of my socials.” At the end of the video, he said that he didn’t want his own fans to go and “attack her.” Balegde also offered his own perspective on how the two TikTokers, who previously considered themselves friends, had fallen out.


Fitz accused Balegde of profiting off her catchphrase

In the video, Max Balegde starts off by saying: “I genuinely considered Bella to be one of my friends” but that Fitz called off the friendship. Balegde noticed that Fitz had unfollowed him on all social media after messaging to “check up on her”.

Fitz then responded, according to Balegde, saying that the TikToker wanted nothing to do with Balegde because he was “making money off her catchphrase”.

The phrase “big fat” has been routinely used by Balegde in the past while Fitz had several videos with them using the phrase “big fat liar.”

On June 18th, Balegde launched a new merchandise brand called “Big Fat Merch.” In the video, Balegde says “I genuinely saw her as a friend but I think she only saw it was a business relationship”.


Balegde promting a hoodie, mug and bag
Max Balegde, Instagram
Balegde promoting his merchandise in an Instagram post

The soured relationship between Balegde and Fitz was private until now

In Balegde’s video, he said that he “had never spoken about it once until now” as Bella Fitz had asked him not to post about it.

On July 17, Balegde alleges that Fitz posted a video saying that Balegde “had slagged her off in a TikTok live.” Balegde insists he had never “once said her name in a TikTok live.” He said that he then sent a message on July 18 asking about the video “confused” as he had believed they’d “agreed to keep it off TikTok.”

According to Balegde, Fitz allegedly responded with a voice note, stating: “All I know is that I am existing absolutely peacefully and I’m being told you’re chatting sh*t. I do not have the energy for it, Max.


If you’re going to talk sh*t, I will literally just come to your house and beat the dog sh*t out of you and your boyfriend.”

@nosebleedfitz♬ WHOLE LOTTA MONEY (Remix) – Bïa & Nicki Minaj

After Baledge’s video was posted, Fitz took to Twitter to defend herself. Fitz accused Balegde of “continually” talking about it online and argued she was not “gatekeeping words” over the dispute.

Fitz also accused Baledge of using “smaller creators’ ideas for his own use without credit” and provoking her to use a response as “juicy goss.” Fitz also apologized to her followers for “causing discomfort”.

Bella Fitz posing for a selfie
Bella Fitz, Instagram
Fitz regularly posts photos of herself, spending time with friends and outfits on Instagram

Who are Max Balegde and NoseBleedFitz?

Both British TikTokers have large followings on social media. Bella Fitz, who is transgender, has over 670,000 followers with over 53 million likes.


Max Balegde by contrast has over 70 million likes and 1.2 million followers. Both influencers regularly get views of over 200,000 on videos.

Fitz is well-known for her humorous videos showcasing their outfits and funny stories of going about her life. She made headlines last year after receiving £20,000 from fans.

Balegde posts similarly humorous content showcasing his life in London.  He caused controversy in May 2021 after he was kicked out of a pub after asking fans to order drinks through an app.

Staff had received over 100 drinks requests in less than 30 minutes.