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TikToker Carly Aquilino slams “evil” Y2K fashion in viral video

Published: 17/Jul/2021 19:30

by Hannah Van-de-Peer


Breakout TikTok star Carly Aquilino (@fashiongirl42069) posted the two-parter on July 13 and 14. Fans “loved” the way Carly relentlessly bashed the beloved trend. The videos have been shared far and wide on social media, as ‘90s babies everywhere watch through their fingers.

Growing up in the nineties and noughties, Y2K clothing was everywhere. Having spent a few years out of the limelight, the look came storming back in 2020. Low-rise jeans, ‘Juicy’ Couture and teeny sunglasses have become the main staple of TikTok… though not everyone is happy about it!

The world seems to think of Cher Horowitz, Destiny’s Child and Paris Hilton as early-2000s style icons. But are we conveniently forgetting the fashion faux-pas of yesteryear? Have our rose-tinted goggles clouded our view of fedoras, footless tights and friendship bracelets?


One TikToker grounded us firmly back in reality with her now-viral videos. Showing long-forgotten photos of celebs like Miley Cyrus, @fashiongirl42069 took us on a trip down memory lane.

@fashiongirl42069#greenscreen let’s have a real talk about Y2K♬ original sound – Carly Aquilino

Appearing to be on the bring of “dramatic tears,” Carly bravely shared her personal history with Y2K. “I don’t think about crop tops and halter tops,” she said. “I think about how we wore jeans underneath skirts and dresses.” She then dusted off a relic photo of Ashley Tisdale, wearing wide-cut jeans under a leopard-print skirt.

“We walked out the house like this,” she complained to her fans. Voice cracking a little, she admitted she used to “go out with my friends” like that.


Ashley Tisdale wasn’t the only star implicated in the investigation. Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Gwen Stefani were also called out. Carly commented that Beyoncé’s staple chunky belt look “should’ve won (an) award.”

Fashiongirl42069 Carly slammed long-forgotten Y2K statement pieces

Fans reminisce about questionable Y2K styles

Each video has generated over two-million views. Fans have pointed out other fashion faults the TikToker missed. “Don’t forget the Abercrombie fur inside hoodie,” pointed out one viewer. “Remember those knitted ponchos we wore?” Asked another.

Other fans simply cringed at the memories. “I am haunted by the mini scarf,” said one user. “Gauchos really had a hold on us,” claimed another.

@fashiongirl42069 has since done a ‘guy version’ which you can check out on her TikTok.