TikToker beats Michael Bublé in a month-long game of international hide-and-seek

Alec Mullins
Michael Buble riding in a car

A TikToker started a game of hide-and-seek with Michael Buble despite not even being on the same continent as him, and after more than a month of competition, the battle came to an epic conclusion.

TikTok has been a revelation for communication in so many ways, but one of its major feats has been allowing fans newfound access to celebrities.

Something about the face-to-face nature of communication through video has created unique connections between entertainers of all kinds and their fans.

The latest example comes in the form of an epic game of hide-and-seek between a creator on TikTok and the velvety-smoot Canadian icon Michael Bublé.

How a TikToker beat Michael Bublé in a month-long game of Hide and Seek

The game was set when ‘itsmeehawlman’ uploaded daily videos back in July where he began playing the game without Bublé even being aware that he was involved. However, on the 11th day in a row of posting, the famous singer took notice and made things official by commenting, “I’m gonna find you first.”


While the musician took days off from teasing his opponent, he never completely fell back from the game. He popped in to ask for hints as to where Meehawl lived and to drop reminders that he was staying on the lookout, as well.

It all came to a head when the ambitious TikToker warned Bublé that he was coming to a show and would officially be winning the game, which earned him an equally smug reply.

“I’ll be watching you watching me watching you. It ain’t over ’til I sing,” the legendary crooner promised.

Of course, it’s much harder to be on the lookout when you’re set to perform in front of hundreds of people in a dark crowd, so naturally, Meehawl claimed the victory and recorded the moment for all to see.


For the fans who followed along, the series’ ending was actually quite emotional.

“Ahhh, I cannot believe it is over! Kind of got teary-eyed there for a second! Happy you won! Great game Michael,” one commenter remarked. Another fan of the back-and-forth suggested that the final chapter of this story felt similar to finishing an amazing book.

The game may be over but it found a way to leave a mark on everyone involved, and that’s quite the achievement for both competitors and the audience.