Macklemore reveals why he’s promoting new music on TikTok

Dylan Horetski
Macklemore Audacy

Popular singer Macklemore has revealed why he’s promoting his new music on TikTok as he makes his return to the industry.

Over the last few years, TikTok has been the premiere place for musicians to promote their music with many of them having their lives changed due to going viral on the app.

Lil Nas X went viral with his “yee-haw challenge” to promote his hit single “Old Town Road,” and Gayle became the creator of one of the popular songs of 2021 with her song “abcdefu.

During a recent Audacy Check In, Macklemore revealed what motivated him to begin using TikTok to promote his music.

Macklemore reveals why he uses TikTok

During the interview with host Mike Adam, Macklemore revealed that he feels that his competitive nature makes him think he’s always got something to prove, and he feels like an “underdog” coming back into the music industry as an independent artist.

“Whenever I drop music, the landscape has changed, the landscape is very different from what it was five years ago. Streaming has changed, the playlist thing has changed, and TikTok is something that you have to use in order to get your music out into the world,” he explained.

“Social stuff is one part of it. The most important part is the art…I’m competitive with everything, and I think that if you don’t have an underdog spirit you get left behind, and I’ve always had that.”

(Topic starts at 5:50 in the video)

After stating that feeling like an underdog is the reason why he’s using platforms like TikTok to promote his music, Mike went on to ask Macklemore about his future career goals.

“Five million TikTok followers,” he replied. “I just love that number and I’m going to get there.”

The singer recently came back to TikTok after a short hiatus in early 2022 but has continued uploading videos consistently since he returned.

We’ll have to wait for him to reach five million followers, however, as he’s still over four million shy of that goal.