TikToker Baby Grace goes viral after claiming her ex got his sister pregnant

TikToker Baby Grace talking to her fans on TikTokTikTok: bbyyygrace

TikTok creator ‘bbyyygrace’ has gone viral on the platform after she made some wild claims about her ex-partner, including him allegedly impregnating his younger sister.

There have been some mind-blowing stories and claims spread across TikTok that have left viewers in shock, helped propel their creators to fame, or even resulted in police involvement.

Just some of these viral stories include a creator who filmed a couple supposedly trying to break into her home because of a road rage incident, a woman who found out her boyfriend was her brother, and another who claimed she had to have surgery due to her vibrator getting stuck.

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Now, TikToker ‘bbyyygrace‘ (A.K.A Baby Grace) has similarly made waves on the app after she made some wild and very serious accusations against her ex-partner.

TikToker claims ex impregnated sister

On September 12, Grace posted a video in which she called out her ex-partner ‘Curtis’, and accused him of getting his girlfriend pregnant at an illegally young age.

She claimed: “Ain’t you 22 living with your 16-year-old baby mama in her grandma’s house, huh? Stealing your mother’s food stamp card, huh? No card, no apartment, no nothing. You ain’t got sh*t.”

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Although, she mainly wanted to hit out at him for allegedly getting his girlfriend pregnant when she was just 13 years old. However, before that, Grace claimed that he also “got [his] sister pregnant when she was 12.”

As the clip went on to receive 16.3 million views as of writing, TikTok users were astounded by the accusations with many urging the TikToker to “call the police ASAP” because, as one claimed, “this is surely a case.”

The next day, she posted a follow-up video in which she clarified that she didn’t know any of this supposed information while she was with Curtis. She also made some other disturbing accusations claiming she broke up with him because he was a “domestic abuser.”

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It’s unclear whether any of the accusations are under police investigation, as of writing. However, many are still calling on the TikToker to bring her claims to the authorities.

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