TikToker claims couple attempted to break into home during “road rage” incident

TikTok road rageTIKTOK: ToxxxicWaist

A TikToker went viral after claiming that a couple attempted to break into her home over a “road rage” incident.

Content creator toxxxicwaist detailed the horrifying incident in a series of viral TikTok videos, claiming that a couple followed her to her house, with a man trying to break into her home while harassing her.

“So I’m literally on the verge of tears and shaking,” she begins in the first clip, which has amassed over 3.3 million views.

The TikToker says she was driving home for her lunch break, while the woman in front of her was driving about 10 miles under the speed limit.

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“She was going 35 in a 45, and she was trying to light a cigarette and like do sh*t, while she was already going under the speed limit,” toxxxicwaist explains. “So yeah, I was riding her ass a little bit. She was going 10 miles f*cking under. No, it wasn’t bumper to bumper, but there definitely wasn’t a full car length in-between us.”

However, the woman flipped her off as they were going around a roundabout, before yelling at her.

“You can see her demeanor through her f*cking mirrors, and I was like f*ck you, I was literally like, you’re going 10 miles under the speed limit. You’re in the wrong here, not me,” she says.

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Couple try to break into TikToker’s home over road rage incident

Unfortunately, things didn’t end there, as the woman she was driving behind ended up following her home in a shocking turn of events. 

When the TikToker pulled into her parking lot, she didn’t realize the woman’s car was at the front of her home. As she got out the car, she heard the woman screaming at her, and calling her a “dirty skank.”

“And I like literally look up and I’m like what the f*ck is going on?’ I didn’t do anything. I especially didn’t do anything illegal, like maybe annoying yeah, illegal no,” she says.

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After running into her home, the TikToker says the woman called her husband, who allegedly started banging on her door. 

“Her husband starts banging on my door and trying to break in the f*cking glass at the bottom of the fucking door,” she says.

She also claims the man threatened to “pull” her “old man” through the keyhole and “cripple him.” At that point, she ran upstairs to grab her gun, as she believed the man was going to break into her house.

In her third video about the incident, toxxixicwaste shares footage of the moment she confronted the couple at her door.

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In the video, she shows the couple’s faces, tells them multiple times to leave, and reminds the woman that she was only driving so closely behind her because she was driving 10 miles under the speed limit.

The TikToker later revealed that she ended up pressing charges against them and filed a police report. Officers also took a report asking her to describe what happened, and she sent authorities all the videos that she took of the altercation, along with photos she took of the couple and their vehicle information.