TikTok prankster banned after walking into stranger’s house in controversial video

Connor Bennett
TikTokers in random house screenshot with TikTok logo

TikToker SecretMizzy, whose videos of him walking into people’s homes, jumping into their cars, and running away with someone’s dog has left the internet divided, has now been banned from the platform.

If you’ve been anywhere across social media in the last few days, you’ve more than likely come across videos of youths jumping into people’s cars and walking into strangers’ homes while they’re standing outside. 

These videos, and controversial trends, were all kicked off by SecretMizzy. The London-based YouTuber and TikToker has been making these types of ‘prank’ videos for a while, but it was only on May 18 did he started to take off. 

The internet has been up in arms about them, claiming that the youths are just asking to get hurt in some way by disturbing people in tense situations. Though, they’ve already seen their first punishment. 

SecretMizzy banned from TikTok amid controversial prank videos

That’s right, as of May 19, the prankster has had his TikTok account removed from the platform for violating community guidelines – as per The Independent

The original videos have also, naturally, been removed alongside his account, but other profiles with similar names have started popping up in its wake. 

Additionally, he hadn’t been punished by YouTube, which is where a few of the controversial videos originated. 

In fact, Mizzy had seen a little bit of growth on his YouTube channel following the videos taking off. As per SocialBlade stats, he’s picked up around 2000 new subscribers and 260,000 video views in the last month. 

That is a fair leap from what he had been picking up prior to going viral, but it remains to be seen if his ban from TikTok will have a knock-on effect  – positively or negatively. Though, there have been a few calls for YouTube to follow TikTok and ban him too.