TikToker accidentally takes neighbor’s child on week-long holiday

TikToker accidentally takes neighbor's child on week-long holidayTIKTOK: seenasyouasked

A former babysitter took to TikTok to share how she accidentally ended up taking her neighbor’s child on a week-long holiday.

In a viral TikTok video with over 1.6 million views, content creator seenasyouasked detailed a story from 1991 about the “biggest mistake” that she’s ever made.

She explained: “I was 20 and newly married. I lived next door to a family with a toddler. He was two. I used to look after him and sometimes babysit for a couple of hours to help his mom out.”

After looking after the boy a few times, his mom asked her one day if she would mind looking after him overnight. She replied: “Yeah, no problem, we know each other really well, that would be great. The problem is I’m actually going on holiday on Tuesday for a week.”

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The TikToker said the duo “did not communicate properly”, which left her assuming that the mother was fine with her toddler traveling with his babysitter.

TikToker takes neighbor’s child on week-long holiday

“Monday comes along and she drops off this sweet little boy – he’s really lovely, he stayed overnight,” she explained. “Early Tuesday morning, we all packed up the car, I popped him in his car seat, we drove off to London, we lived in Birmingham, stayed in a hotel, I got the hotel to give us a little cot.”

She continued: “He was so lovely, I got him food and bought some extra nappies as she hadn’t sent enough nappies for the week and I just went through the week with this little lad.

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“During the day, I took him to the zoo and walked around Hyde Park – we had a blast! He loved it, he slept really well, didn’t cry at night, and everything was great.”

Since this occurred in the the early 90’s, there were no mobile phones, and as the woman was her neighbor, she didn’t happen to have her number, so she sent a postcard instead to let the mom know that “the kid was fine.”

When it was finally time for them to go home and she returned the boy to his mother, she found out that she had made a terrible mistake.

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The mother said: “So lovely of you – really wonderful. I do have to say something though…when I said ‘that’s fine’, I meant I’ll come back Tuesday morning and go get him. I didn’t actually mean for you to take him on holiday the whole week.”

While the TikToker was shocked about the ordeal, and apologized for what had happened, the mother was actually quite thankful telling her: “No, I had a great time, I had a lovely break for the week.”