Self-proclaimed psychologist faces backlash on TikTok for giving “toxic” advice

Kawter Abed
TikTok psychologist

A TikTok user who claims to be a psychologist is facing backlash for giving out “toxic” relationship advice.

Madeline, who claims to be a psychologist, shared her 48 relationship and dating rules on TikTok to her 25,000 followers. While some of her rules were harmless and even “curing” for some women, many of them have also been labeled as “toxic” and “problematic.”

Take rule 23 for example: “Make him think you’re obsessed with him so that when you’re detaching he misses it and becomes obsessed with you.”

Rule 30 is equally controversial: “Act like wife material in person then completely uninterested over text, he will become obsessed with the chase.”

There are many more examples, but one rule in particular has sparked outrage on the social media app, especially amongst single moms.

In a viral video, which has almost 800,000 views on TikTok, Madeline shared rule 38 in text-overlay: “It’s okay to get your heartbroken… some girls are left with children.”

Hundreds of users flooded the comments under the six-second clip, to voice their frustration at the problematic advice.

TikTok viewers snap back about toxic relationship advice

“We aren’t left with kids, we have a priority to make sure children are take care of and are happy and safe,” one angry mom commented.

A single mom also disagreed with Madeline’s tip, adding: “No, he’s heartbroken and I have our beautiful children.”

“Is that funny to you? Making fun of single mums? Is that a joke?” someone else wrote.

“Oh the toxicity,” another one commented, “I can’t tell if you’re joking or not but you should delete this.”

Madeline responded to the criticism, saying that she meant no harm to single mothers.

“Girls, I don’t mean to hurt anyone, just wanted to increase awareness for the younger girls to take maximum care with boys,” the TikToker commented.

She continued: “Trust, you can choose men and still choose the bad ones, because it’s proven that people can hide their true self until marriage.”

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