TikTok star Nessa Barrett shuts down bizarre ‘spine shortening’ rumors

. 2 years ago
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If you’re as famous as TikTok influencer Nessa Barrett, rumors and conspiracy theories about you are often part of the territory. However, she has moved quickly to shut down claims circulating online… that she had made her spine shorter.

With 10.3 million TikTok followers and 3.6 million Instagram followers, Nessa Barrett is a formidable force on the influencer scene, despite only being 18 years old.

As well as being close with members of the Hype House and Sway House, Nessa has made a name for herself with her natural beauty, dance videos and relatable attitude (you have to give her credit for laughing off moments like farting during a live stream).

Instagram: nessabarrett
Nessa Barrett is one of TikTok’s most rapid rising stars, and is also known for her on-off relationship with former Sway House member Josh Richards.

However, her fame has come with a price. Back in July, she was accused of ‘copying’ fellow influencer Madison Beer with her debut single ‘Pain’, and has been open about her mental health issues and struggles with the spotlight.

Only recently she publicly begged paparazzi to leave her alone after they photographed her crying in a restaurant.

Why are people saying Nessa Barrett altered her spine?

Standing at a petite 5ft 3, Nessa Barrett’s height has, for some reason, been a huge source of scrutiny among fans.

In May, a video with fellow content creator LuvAnthony caused ridicule amongst fans, with many people pointing out the height difference between the two.

When she and Anthony quipped that she was 5’11 in the comment section of the video, many people failed to pick up the sarcasm and accused her of lying about her height.

With height jokes becoming an unfortunate staple in the comment in lots of Barrett’s content, a bizzare rumor began to circulate claiming that she had shortened her spine.

With the rumors intensifying over the last few days, reporters at The Hollywood Fix asked her how she felt about them.

Topic starts at 00:39

“I just find it stupid because people know I’m insecure about my height,” Barrett says in response.

Brushing it off, she said: “They just want to make jokes about it, but it’s fine.”

According to commenters on Instagram, however, these jokes and rumors were anything but fine. “‘Jokes’ that point out people’s insecurities aren’t funny,” one fan wrote.

Another pointed out that “saying ‘it’s just a joke’ isn’t going to stop how she [Nessa] feels about her height.”

Taking into account some of Nessa Barrett’s struggles in the past, it certainly wouldn’t hurt if everyone was a little bit kinder to her.

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