TikTok star DigitalPrincxss responds after arrest footage surfaces on YouTube

Dylan Horetski
Digital Princxss marissa cloutier

TikTok star Marissa ‘DigitalPrincxss’ Cloutier has responded after footage of her being arrested due to her son being found wandering the street alone was uploaded to YouTube.

In August 2021, TikToker and OnlyFans model DigitalPrincxss was arrested after her son was found wandering around outside after she left him home alone.

Child abuse charges against Cloutier were eventually dropped and the topic began to fade away until bodycam footage of her arrest was uploaded to YouTube in early July 2023.

DigitalPrincxss has uploaded a TikTok video addressing the footage just days after it went viral, hitting back at some of the comments she’s received since the incident.


DigitalPrincxss responds after arrest footage surfaces

Uploaded on July 11, 2023, Cloutier’s video shared her thoughts about the situation as well as some of the comments she received.

“I made a bad choice that cost me a lot, but not nearly as much as it could have. Watching that footage was like looking into a window at a different person. It’s something that will be part of me forever, and I have accepted that,” she said.

“I had the mindset for months after I was arrested that my job was the prove to the world that I had changed until there was a moment in therapy where I realized it was my goal to change for my son.

“Since then, you don’t hear me talk about it much because it’s not my job to prove to anyone but my son that he’s my priority.”

Marissa also confirmed that she was sober when the incident took place, and that she was not out making content for her OnlyFans.

She also hit back at a couple of other comments viewers have left about her situation, including one stating she had no remorse for her decision.

“I was so sad and angry at myself that I just deflected that into my content for months. It’s hard to watch knowing what I know now, but it’s out there and I can’t do anything about It,” she said.

DigitalPrincxss went on to debunk rumors that Child Protection Services has been called on her “many times,” stating that she’s never had an issue outside of that night.

“I know I f*cked up, but I’ve raised a smart, talented boy, and I’m proud of that. I owe that to him, and nobody else,” Cloutier added.

This video was her first time uploading since the arrest footage found its way to YouTube, and it appears that this will be the last time Marissa will comment on the situation.

Many viewers have expressed their distaste for the TikToker in the comments, with many calling her a bad mom for leaving her son alone on that night.

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