TikTok star Avani Gregg shuts down Anthony Reeves cheating rumor after confusing comment

Georgina Smith
Pictures of Avani Gregg and Anthony Reeves next to each other

TikTok star Avani Gregg confirmed that boyfriend Anthony Reeves has not cheated on her after she caused confusion among fans by accidentally replying to the wrong comment.

18-year-old Avani Gregg is a hugely popular influencer on TikTok, boasting a follower count of over 30 million. She’s known for posting a variety of content, including dance, beauty, fashion, and comedy videos, and has an adoring fanbase as a result.

Fans are also obsessed with her relationship with fellow TikToker Anthony Reeves. The pair confirmed they were a couple in April 2020, and since then followers have been marveling at how adorable their relationship is, celebrating them on social media.

But an accidental mixup with a reply to a comment left some fans of the pair baffled, thinking maybe something could have happened to the couple. Avani posted a video of her lying on top of Anthony, along with the caption: “I really do hope this man knows I can’t live without him.”

In reply to a confusing comment that read, “the only guys don’t cheat,” the star then wrote, “lol no,” leaving viewers scratching their heads at what the interaction could mean. Some worried that she was implying something had happened behind the scenes.

However, Avani quickly realized her mistake, and, in a separate comment, wrote, “y’all it was on the wrong comment. Anthony would never cheat, never ever, the man is perfect.”

Avani Gregg comments on TikTok

Clarifying who her original comment was intended for, she explained, “that was on the other comment that said ‘but he did cheat’ and I said lol no.”

The clarification certainly came as a relief for fans of the couple, who love their dynamic and want to support them as much as they can.

“Thank God,” one fan wrote in relief, another saying, “if you don’t get married I’ll throw my phone out the window.” Everyone seemed to be happy that the comment was a simple mistake, and acknowledged that the original commenter’s poorly worded message probably contributed a lot to the confusion.

Avani and Anthony seem as loved up as ever, and remain a favorite couple among TikTok fans.

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