ACE Family “cancelled” after Austin McBroom spanks child in video

Published: 20/Jul/2020 18:44

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTube family channel ‘the ACE Family’ is coming under fire after a video surfaced that showed patriarch Austin McBroom spanking his four-year-old daughter while making inappropriate comments.

The ACE Family is comprised of five members, with the newest being parents Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz’s infant son, Steel.

The Family also boasts two daughters, Alaïa and four-year-old Elle, the latter of which has become the center of the YouTubers’ latest controversy.

In late June, a video surfaced online that showed Paiz and McBroom sitting on a sofa with their two daughters, seemingly prior to the birth of Steel. In the video, McBroom discusses how he’s been working out, and slaps his derriere as if to showcase his “gains.”

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Then, McBroom performs a similar action on the rear-end of his daughter, Elle, saying, “Oh, god d***,” — leading to an avalanche of outrage against the ACE Family patriarch for what many are considering predatory behavior.

“This is so disturbing,” one critic Tweeted of the situation. “The way his daughter put her hand in front of his to stop him from doing it again is heartbreaking. Deplatform the ACE Family and throw Austin & Catherine McBroom in jail NOW.”

“I don’t care if you support the ACE Family or whatever, but can you explain why Austin slapped his little girl’s butt and saying ‘Oh, god?’ after?” another chimed in. “She also moved his hand, showing she’s uncomfortable.”

This is far from the first time McBroom has come under fire for similar allegations; the YouTuber was also a subject of scrutiny in early 2019 after he bought Elle an adult-themed lollipop at a Spencer’s outlet, claiming she was throwing a tantrum over not being able to have the candy.

While the ACE Family are no strangers to controversy (with McBroom also having come under fire for past racist Tweets), they have yet to speak out regarding this latest outrage over the video at the time of writing, leaving both fans and critics alike waiting for a response over a disturbing video clip that has sparked deep-seated concern from viewers across the net.


Amouranth exposes erobb’s bizarre Twitch chat logs

Published: 19/Jan/2021 20:00

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa revealed some of the weirdest messages she gets from her viewers, including fellow streamer Eric ‘erobb221’ Robbins.

On January 19, the popular ASMR streamer was reviewing a slew of unban requests from users who were muted from talking on her channel.

During the broadcast, Amouranth noticed how Tyler1’s brother, erobb, was in the chat, which caused her viewers to request a rundown of his chat logs.

After some convincing, Amouranth decided to give her audience what they wanted – and the messages he sent were some of the wildest of the bunch.

Amouranth is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers.

“So, the first time he talked to me was in 2018 with a bunch of smiley faces,” she revealed, scrolling way back up. “Wow.”

From there, the messages got a bit stranger in 2020, with erobb asking to make an appearance on her podcast, claiming the idea could be fun.

A bit later, erobb called Amouranth his “favorite streamer,” accompanied by some emojis. The most bizarre comments, however, came in early 2021.

“You got any socks? Around?” she read the remarks. “I like your socks so much, they look so good.”

Speechless, Amouranth could hardly read the final message where Robbins wrote he was moving to Texas and the two should hang out. She did, however, leave a blistering remark to scold the streamer with sarcasm.

“Damn, that sounds like someone I want to hang out with, chat,” she joked. “Holy shit. Sock connoisseur such as himself. Such a high caliber, top-tier.”

Erobb wanting socks is a bit of an odd request.

It’s unclear why exactly erobb was asking the streamer for her socks, or what he wanted to accomplish – but given Siragusa’s popularity, it’s unlikely that this is the worst series of messages she’s ever received in her time on Twitch.

Nonetheless, it was incredibly strange, if not bizarrely hilarious, going to show that it’s not just viewers who can be guilty of sending weird messages to streamers – it can be other Twitch stars, too.