TikTok announces first musical called ‘For You, Paige’: How to watch

Daniel Mertzlufft next to TikTok logo and bandTikTok: danielmertzlufft

TikTok has revealed that it’s commissioned its very first musical titled ‘For You, Paige’ as part of #ProjectBroadway — here’s everything you need to know about it.

Short-form video platform TikTok has a somewhat surprising history with musical theater. In 2021, Emily Jacobson created the song ‘Remy’ inspired by Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille which, with the help of Daniel Mertzlufft and a huge team of creatives, became a full-blown musical that was wildly successful.

Now Mertzlufft is leading a new project, this time actually commissioned by TikTok, with a musical titled, ‘For You, Paige’ (a play on words based on the app’s popular For You Page).

On April 6, the app announced that they had commissioned the musical as part of #ProjectBroadway, “which celebrates and supports all things theater, musicals, and Broadway.”

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What is ‘For You, Paige’ about?

TikTok explained that the story of ‘For You, Paige,’ is inspired by real creators from the platform. Regarding the plot, they said: “Teenage music nerd Landon (played by Roman Banks) collaborates with his best friend Paige (played by Sri Ramesh) on a TikTok song inspired by her favorite book series. Landon’s TikTok goes viral, thrusting him into the spotlight — and leaving Paige behind.

“When a producer offers Landon the opportunity to adapt the book series into a musical, Landon discovers that the glory of doing it all himself isn’t worth the stress and enlists the help of Paige and the TikTok community to turn the show into a huge success.”

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The show will also reportedly feature references to viral TikTok trends, and includes original songs such as, ‘Playing in My Key,’ ‘Out of My Mouth,’ and ‘Beyond the Dome.’

How to watch ‘For You, Paige’

‘For You, Paige’ will only be available to watch live via TikTok’s official account on April 14 at 7pm ET/4pm PT. The show will be performed live from a theater in New York City.

Daniel Mertzlufft has been documenting the journey of putting this project together since January 2022, and on his TikTok profile he has revealed several behind-the-scenes clips at rehearsals which have garnered a lot of attention on the app.

Whether it is as successful as the Ratatouille Musical remains to be seen, but viewers won’t have to wait long to find out exactly how this project will turn out.