TikTok mom calls police after aunt gives 7-year-old daughter a tattoo

TikTok mom and 7-year-old daughter who got a tattoo illegallyTikTok: newskii_soexotic24

A mom on TikTok was left to call both child protection services and the police after her daughter’s aunt tattooed her leg.

Sometimes spending time with relatives is a long-awaited journey that kids look forward to. There are extra snacks, more attention, and rules that can be broken without repercussions.

However, when one 7-year-old girl went to visit her dad’s side of the family, she was presented with the opportunity to get a tattoo by her aunt.

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Since coming home, the girl’s mother has been mortified, having called both CPS and the police on the aunt who tattooed her daughter’s leg.

TikTok mom received an abundance of support after sharing that her 7-year-old daughter was given a tattoo illegally.Unsplash: brianna tucker
A TikTok mom received an abundance of support after sharing that her 7-year-old daughter was given a tattoo illegally.

7-year-old’s aunt tattooed multiple people without changing the needle

In a now-viral TikTok video sequence, a mom shared the story about how her 7-year-old daughter got tattooed by her aunt in California.

The daughter, whose name is Jayde, apparently called her mom to ask for permission to get a tattoo, to which the mom said no. She then hung up on Jayde, not taking her daughter seriously.

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Little did Jayde’s mom know that she was legitimately going to get a tattoo, despite the answer she received from her mom.

In the mom’s four videos that she uploaded to TikTok, she exposed the illegal act, urging viewers to watch who they let around their children.

She also could be heard questioning her daughter to explain the situation, asking, “Whose idea was it for you to get a tattoo?” Jayde then responded, “Auntie’s.”

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Though Jayde is only 7 years old, the aunt went ahead and tattooed a heart on her leg. She then proceeded to tattoo at least two other people without changing the needle. Luckily for Jayde, she was first and was not subjected to a dirty needlepoint.

Since sharing her story to TikTok, Jayde’s mom received plenty of support about the situation. One person was so baffled by the thought of an underage child getting a tattoo, saying, “The way I would’ve pressed charges!! Omg at freaking SEVEN?!”

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While another complimented the mom’s tamed temper, saying, “OMG, I know it’s taking everything in your power not to knock on her door.”

Others were left “horrified” saying that their jaws had dropped at the thought of the same needle being used over and over again.

Jayde’s mom even uploaded a video exposing the aunt who tattooed her daughter. One TikToker then explained how tattooing someone under the legal age is considered “child abuse.”

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Though Jayde’s mom hasn’t updated TikTok on whether or not the aunt will face charges for tattooing her daughter’s leg, it seems as though she will do just about anything to protect her daughter going forward, saying to TikTok she was extremely angry about what occurred.

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