Fruit Roll-Ups are warning TikTok users not to eat snack’s plastic wrapping

Fruit Roll Ups warn against eating plastic wrapTikTok: fruitrollups

The legal team at Fruit Roll-Ups are warning TikTok users against eating their flavorful snack’s plastic wrapping after netizens found a new way to enjoy the tasty treat.

Fruit Roll-Ups are sort of taking over TikTok right now.

Netizens have discovered that the popular fruit snack can be eaten in a variety of ways. From wrapping it over mango slices with Tajin and chili sauce to being paired with pickles and more, there’s no stopping TikTok’s creativity when it comes to food. In fact, a tag for the snack brand has racked up over 916.2 million views.

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However, one particular way of consuming a Fruit Roll-Up is raising some eyebrows online after a woman claimed the plastic wrapping on the snacks didn’t freeze.

Fruit Roll-Ups warn TikTokers not to eat plastic wrapping

It turns out that some folks enjoy freezing their Fruit Roll-Ups, which can turn them into a sort of chewy ice pop to pull out of the fridge on a hot summer day.

A woman came under fire, though, after chowing down on her frozen Fruit Roll-Up straight away — seemingly without taking it out of the plastic wrapping.

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The woman in question, TikToker hollyberry09, claimed that “plastic doesn’t freeze,” sparking speculation that it was safe to eat the wrapping (or that there had been no plastic wrapping at all, in the first place).

This prompted the company’s legal team to issue a warning amid the snacking craze.

“Legal is making me clarify that you should not attempt to eat plastic,” the company captioned their video, which showed an employee biting down on a frozen Fruit Roll-Up that was clearly cased in plastic wrap.

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This is far from the first time that a company has had to warn TikTokers against taking part in a viral trend; in 2022, Nyquil had to issue a statement after users started marinating their chicken breasts in the liquid cold medicine.

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