TikTok Idol group Sorb3t speaks out after being doxxed

Theo Burman
Sorb3t responds to being doxxed tiktokTikTok: Sorb3t.offical

The new idol group that went viral on TikTok and Twitter has responded to critics, saying that they are “just three girls innocently chasing our dreams”.

The group, which consists of three fifteen-year-old girls quickly obtained internet infamy after they went viral on Twitter and TikTok, where many viewers harshly criticized them for their debut videos.

The criticism even led to attacks and harassment, including the personal information of the creators being posted publicly- an action known as “doxxing”.

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However, the creators, who refer to themselves collectively as Sorb3t, addressed their critics in a post on TikTok, which outlined their plans for the future.

Idol Group Sorb3t responds to critics on TikTok and Twitter

In a statement posted to TikTok, Sorb3t confirmed that they were taking a step back from making content after they were doxxed, as they need time to recover.

They said: “We are currently being doxxed. We were just three girls innocently chasing our dreams and did not want it to come to this. For our safety, we need some time away to heal, but we’ll see you again soon.”

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They ended the message with an assurance that they would return to content creation eventually.

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The group received a lot of backlash after one of their videos went viral. One of the girls in the group being asked by viewers to apologize for speaking Japanese and appropriating Japanese culture, which she later did.

However, the group also received lots of support from people who felt they were being treated unfairly.

One user on Twitter said: “The three girls from Sorb3t are getting d*xxed for their genuine & harmless interest in becoming kaigai idols.

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“Stop bullying innocent girls for chasing their dreams and actually showing appreciation.”

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