TikToker details how he was catfished by a prison inmate via dating website

Liam Ho
jaaycreates on Instagram

A TikToker has documented their experience of looking for love on a prison website, only to be catfished by the very same prisoner he was interested in.

Looking for love can be a hard task in the current day and age. With many individuals using dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, or Bumble to aid in their journey of finding the one for them. However, even whilst using the apps, users aren’t safe from bad behavior such as ghosting. Even worse is the problematic act of catfishing, which has only surfaced with the introduction of online dating.

A creative TikTok user may have found a way to circumvent these issues, however, coming up with the idea of finding a potential partner on Message a Prisoner. User jaaycreates thought they had found the girl of their dreams in Lola. After writing to Lola in prison, it was only a matter of waiting to see if she’d respond back.

Fortunately for Jay, she did. Sending through a letter asking if he’d like to “collaborate sometime hee hee”. Alongside the letter, she sent through some photos of herself to verify her legitimacy. Jay documented this in their TikTok, showcasing his newfound love.


Obviously, Jay was aware that it wasn’t exactly healthy to fall in love with someone across the world, but according to the TikToker, “love is love”.

TikToker catfished by prisoner inmate

Unfortunately for Jay, it turns out it may not have been true love, as the real Lola actually replied in a TikTok of their own.

Lola, who turned out to be Ari was unsurprisingly very confused about the TikTok. She explains in her TikTok, “I don’t know how to tell you this, but that is a picture of me and my name is Ari and I’m not in prison”.

Obviously, Jay was devastated by Ari’s response and made his very own TikTok reply to her.

Fortunately for Jay, at least Ari was nice enough to reveal that she was being impersonated, and saved him from a life of being catfished.