TikTok is now allowing 5-minute videos for some users

TikTok logo on a phoneUnsplash: Olivier Bergeron

TikTok users are reporting that they’re now being given the option to film and upload five-minute-long videos on the app, not long after the limit was raised to three minutes.

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media apps out there over the past few years, garnering a huge number of users who all participate in trends, challenges, and more, sometimes spending hours on the app scrolling through its wealth of content.

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Originally, users were only able to upload 60-second videos, which sometimes proved to be inconvenient if creators wanted to post a detailed tutorial, or a long storytime.

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In December 2020, users started noticing that they had been given the ability to trial three-minute-long videos, and this feature was rolled out to the whole userbase in July.

But it looks as though the company isn’t planning on just stopping at three minutes, as some users have now reported that they are being given the option to test five minutes videos.

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On August 25, social media consultant Matt Navarra posted a screenshot of a notification under ‘account updates’ which offered the user the ability to test out the new video limit, and he wasn’t the only one. There were even some reports that they are testing a 10-minute limit.

However, not everyone is a fan of the idea of the video limit increasing further, with some even suggesting the app is trying to become like YouTube.

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It’s currently not clear whether TikTok plans on rolling this new feature out to everyone in the future, but with there still being some pushback against the 3-minute length, the new 5-minute limit may not be welcomed by all.

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