There’s a Twitch channel that only streams Sumo matches and it’s awesome

Filip Krawanski

A peculiar Twitch channel has been gaining popularity over the last couple of months, “MidnightSumo” is a “professional and amateur sumo wrestling Twitch streamer” that broadcasts reruns of professional sumo wrestling matches. Here’s what we know. 

MidnightSumo has been live broadcasting sumo matches on Twitch since at least 2021 according to the data gathered by Stream Charts.

But back then the channel only broadcasted matches of the sport as they were happening live at that time. This was changed in March of 2023 when MidnightSumo tweeted out that his streaming channel “now has re-runs of professional sumo tournaments running every day.”

The channel does not yet have anyone commentating over the sumo footage that it broadcasts, but the owner is a very active participant in the stream’s live chat, discussing the wrestlers and events with other users interested in the subject matter.

This 24/7 live stream is nothing but sumo wrestling

And it seems quite a bit of Twitch’s viewership is interested in the sport originating from Japan as MidnightSumo amassed 224,000 viewers over the last 28 days, peaking at 1620 concurrent viewers according to Stream Charts.

One particular clip, where one of the wrestlers slaps his opponent in the face, made it to the LivestreamFail Reddit. While users some users were discussing the content of the clip itself, others were amazed that such content even exists on Twitch at all.

“I had no idea this was a thing on Twitch, awesome,” wrote one such user.

“I’m torn on downvoting for a totally incorrect title or upvoting because MidnightSumo rocks,” wrote another.

MidnightSumo is just one of many peculiar channels on Twitch who have successfully found a niche target audience, earlier this year a lot of users of the platform were extremely confused when reruns of PewDiePie’s content started being broadcasted.