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Theo Von and Brendan Schaub react to controversial Tony Hinchcliffe slur video

Published: 25/May/2021 12:41

by Jacob Hale


In May 2021, a video went viral of Tony Hinchcliffe using racial slurs and making jokes about a fellow comedian, and now Theo Von and Brendan Schaub have had their say on the issue.

On May 11, Peng Dang, an Asian comedian, posted a video of Hinchcliffe making anti-Asian jokes at the expense of him and his audience, after he introduced Hinchcliffe to the stage.

The video has since been viewed well over a million times, with thousands of responses and retweets on Twitter, with Dang saying “Happy Asian (AAPI) Heritage Month” in response to the jokes.

In the video, Hinchcliffe calls Dang a “filthy little ch*nk” and calls the audience “race traitors” for laughing at his jokes.


Warning: viewer discretion is advised.

Since then, Hinchcliffe has lost work, his representation, and his career seems to essentially have been put on hold as a result.

Debating the controversial clip that has been circulating, though, Theo Von and Brendan Schaub discuss what was said and what really went wrong for Hinchcliffe on the King and the Sting podcast.

“I’m not going to say that Tony’s the funniest guy in the world to me, but his thing is saying abusive and messed up sh*t,” says Von. Schaub agrees that Tony’s brand of comedy is “savage” and “below the belt,” saying that it’s “not for everybody” and “wasn’t meant to be blasted to the masses.”


While they said the video itself should never have been recorded or shared on the internet, they agree that the jokes simply “weren’t funny.”

Von also said that posting the clip was “clout chasing” and that any issues with Hinchcliffe should’ve been taking up with him, as opposed to going online. Dang has explained that he did it to “raise awareness” of anti-Asian hate.

Hinchcliffe hasn’t yet responded to the controversy that has erupted as a result of his jokes and hasn’t posted on social media since the incident. When he returns, he’ll likely face a lot of questions regarding this.