The Mob’s Classify explains why he needs surgery after nasty injury

IG/Twitter: Classify

Yan ‘Classify’ Shalamov, popular streamer and content creator for The Mob and 100 Thieves, has explained the nasty fall that led to his hospitalization on June 26, amid an outpouring of concern from fans. 

The Mob have grown to be some of the most popular content creators on the internet, thanks partially to their incorporation into 100 Thieves. Classify is a member of this streaming mob (pun intended), boasting over 200,000 followers on Twitter and 85,000 followers on Twitch.

The affection fans have for Classify turned to concern on June 26, when Shalamov confirmed he had been admitted to hospital after suffering a nasty fall.

The Mob Dexerto
The Mob are now all members of 100 Thieves. From L to R: Froste, Avalanche, Mako, Classify.

“At the emergency room,” he tweeted, “but just know this next Mob Vlog finna be an adventure… I’ve truly never had a worse experience than tonight in my whole life. Wouldn’t wish this upon anyone.”

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He shared multiple images of him in hospital beds, stating that he “can’t believe” what happened to him. Thankfully, just a few hours after breaking the news to his Twitter followers, he clarified the situation and revealed why he was hospitalized.

“For everyone on the TL,” he said. “Basically there was a little accident, I was on the cover of a hot tub… it tipped over, and I fell completely over onto my left side. I shattered my left hip bone and kinda got scratched up a little bit.”

He explained that the injury requires surgery to fix, hence his long stay in the hospital. “The main part was the hip bone,” he finished. “So now I’m waiting for surgery… Who the f**k breaks their hip bone at 21 bro? But it is what it is. Thanks for all the nice messages you guys have been sending, and hopefully, the surgery goes good.”

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He also extended his thanks to his girlfriend, Viperous, as well as Nadeshot and Julia Wu of 100 Thieves. Hopefully all goes well with the surgery, and we can enjoy seeing Classify back to his antics with the Mob in the not-too-distant future.