The internet reacts to Dream’s face reveal: Pokimane, Valkyrae, Ludwig, more chime in

Dream face reveal reaction headerInstagram: dreamwastaken

The world’s most popular gaming streamers and content creators have voiced their reactions to Minecraft streamer Dream finally revealing his face and appearance online.

After years of streaming anonymously, Minecraft streaming legend and content creator Dream has finally revealed what he looks like. The announcement was made during an October 2 YouTube video, with the content creator finally showing his viewers – and the world – what he looks like after years of doing his best to keep his identity a secret.

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Over 1.3 million people tuned into the live reveal video, with Clay – better known as Dream – telling his fans that he is looking forward to being able to “get out in the world, meet creators, and be a person” now that he has revealed his identity online.

With the hashtag #dreamfacereveal now trending on Twitter, many of the biggest gaming figures have posted their reactions to the news. Included below are the snap reactions from some of the most popular and well-known content creators.

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Influencers reacts to the Dream face reveal

Jake Paul posted on Twitter and called Clay “dreamy as hell.” Valkyrae called Dream “beautiful” while Pokimane pointed out that she thinks “Dream has anime eyes.”

Prior to the reveal, Ludwig jokingly posted a drawing of what he thought Dream would look like. After the announcement video, Ludwig then tweeted out the post, “why are all minecrafters tall handsome white guys?”

Mr Beast also commented on Dream’s post asking him to “come be in some videos” now that he has gotten the face reveal “out of the way.”

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Other popular influencers including Bryce Hall, Classify, and many more have also taken to Twitter to express their initial reactions to finally seeing what Dream looks like.

While some of Dream’s community have been voicing negative thoughts and comments about his appearance, his fellow influencers and content creators have had nothing but positive things to say so far in their reactions to the face reveal.

Dream has since confirmed that he will now be doing more IRL content, with part of this new direction, meaning he will be attending the upcoming TwitCon set to take place later in the month.

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Following this news, Twitch’s official Twitter account commented on Dream’s face reveal post, writing “can’t wait to see you at TwitchCon, you handsome devil, you.” Dream’s full face reveal YouTube video can be watched here.