Tfue reveals bizarre strip club experience with Corinna Kopf

Jacob Hale
Corinna Kopf/Instagram, Tfue/YouTube

Professional Fortnite player and streamer Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has revealed one of his weirdest stories with ex-girlfriend Corinna Kopf, revolving around an experience at a strip club.

Tfue has been one of the biggest names in Fortnite for the last couple of years, often regarded as one of the greatest players to touch the game.

He and fellow content creator Corinna broke up in July following a few months of dating, but now appear to be back on good terms with each other, even streaming together occasionally.

While playing Fortnite together on stream, the two debated who should tell the story of what went down at a strip club they visited for Tfue’s best friend’s birthday, eventually deciding it should be Turner’s to tell.

Tfue/InstagramTfue and Corinna dated briefly throughout 2019, with rumors floating that they are back together.

While they decided Tfue should tell the story, he struggled to put it all eloquently, getting through the story at a slow pace and with a number of interruptions from Kopf, who was clearly getting frustrated with Tfue’s inability to give the story justice.

He eventually decided to retell a shortened version of the entire story, saying:

“So we get to this strip club and there’s a 30-year-old woman, and she just starts spraying her t***y milk everywhere.”

The long version of the story was that it was Tfue’s best friend’s 21st birthday, a reasonable cause for celebration. Corinna made the decision that they should head to a “gentleman’s club” and, while there, someone announced that one of Tfue’s friends was a virgin (though he suggested this may not be true).

This, Tfue says, enticed the dancers, who started paying said friend a lot more attention following the announcement, including one who appeared to be around 30 and, as they soon found out, was lactating.

This dancer decided to spray her nutrients in the face of Tfue’s friend, despite initial fears of “scarring him forever.” Tfue later admitted that he was kind of ‘jealous’ of his friend getting such an experience.

This is perhaps one of the more bizarre stories we’ve heard Tfue – or any streamer, for that matter – tell on stream.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t seem to have scarred him too much. The Fortnite star has been enjoying a lot of success and high placements with his squad for this season’s Fortnite Championship Series tournaments.

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