Twitch streamer slams Iron Forge patron for “uncomfortable” flirting interaction

Virginia Glaze

A Twitch streamer popped off on a patron at Knut and Mizkif’s Iron Forge gym for flirting with his girlfriend in an “uncomfortable” interaction that sparked outrage online.

Twitch stars Knut and Mizkif officially opened their streamer-friendly Iron Forge gym in January 2024.

While the gym has enjoyed viral success as patrons flood in, it has already experienced some drama after its owners were caught trying to poach clients from an LA Fitness nearby.

Now, another dramatic moment has taken place at the gym after a patron hit on a streamer’s girlfriend, resulting in an interaction that left viewers outraged.

Knut and Mizkif’s Iron Forge Gym is streamer friendly, with OTK star Extra Emily working out there recently.

Twitch viewers outraged as man tries to pick up streamer’s girlfriend

On February 9, Twitch streamer Russel and his girlfriend, Luna, were trading off on the leg press machine when a man doing chest flys nearby started chatting them up.

At the beginning of their interaction, the man asked if Luna was in high school — to which she answered no, explaining that she was in college.

She then clarified that she was there working out with her boyfriend, who was streaming the conversation live to thousands of viewers… something the guy didn’t believe.

“No way,” the guy said. “Stop lying. Stop lying to me.”

“What you mean, dog?” Russel clapped back. “I’m sexy as f*ck. That’s my girl, man. You gotta get your game up, you could get one, too.”

“I mean, she might be right there in front of me, yo,” he responded.

This resulted in a back-and-forth between the man and Russel, during which the stranger used a racial slur when trying to prove he had enough game to steal Luna away from him.

Eventually, their conversation devolved into an argument, with Luna explaining that the man was making her “uncomfortable.”

“Well, that’s not my problem,” the guy retorted, claiming he wasn’t flirting with Luna but rather simply trying to “introduce” himself.

Amid their argument, the stranger stood up and appeared to challenge Russel, asking him, “What are you gonna do?”

Luna continually asked the man to “stop talking” to them while he urged her not to “defend his goofy ass.”

Eventually, Russel and Luna left to another part of the gym and continued their workout. The moment went viral on Reddit, sparking outrage from commenters who were left shocked at the patron’s behavior.

Viewers advised the couple to report the man to Mizkif and Knut to get him banned from Iron Forge, but thus far, no updates have been provided about their altercation.

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