Tfue challenges PewDiePie to “meme off” vs surprising opponent

Albert Petrosyan

A meme creation challenge is potentially brewing between two giants in content creation after Twitch superstar Turner ‘Tfue‘ Tenney challenged YouTube king and ‘Meme Review’ host Felix ‘PewDiePie‘ Kjellberg to a “meme off.”

There are very few names that are more closely affiliated with the art of memes than PewDiePie, whose Meme Review video series is among the most popular on YouTube.

However, a surprising challenger has emerged in the shape of Tfue, who issued a challenge to Pewds in the form of a tweet that he put out on August 6, in front of his 2+ million Twitter followers.

However, there is a twist in all of this – the Fortnite World Cup finalist will not be facing off against the Swedish YouTuber directly, and instead will be represented by FaZe Clan designer CuDs, who is the mastermind responsible for creating the thumbnails for Tfue’s videos.

“I challenge PewDiePie to a meme off versus CoDsDesigns [CuDs],” he tweeted.

Judging by the string of awkward responses to the tweet, most are siding with PewDiePie to win the battle, if one even is to be held.

Fittingly, many of the comments were memes hinting that the contest wouldn’t even be close, with some suggesting that it would be beneath the Swede to even knowledge this as a proper challenge. 

Even CuDs himself commented with a meme (of course), hilariously hinted at not having much faith in himself, and that the challenge issued was not done so with his consent. 

As for Pewds, he hasn’t issued any response or reaction to Tfue’s challenge, although, it must be said, he hasn’t been active on Twitter for the last couple of days.

While not many seem to be putting their money on FaZe CuDs making this potential meme off a tight affair, the designer does have numerous quality memes to his name, not to mention dozens of professionally produced thumbnails.

However, as mentioned above, Pewds is widely thought of as the chairman of the board of directors when it comes to memes, so he would be a very tough adversary to oust.