Teeqo breaks silence after FaZe Clan suspension for crypto scam: “I never worked on this coin”

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Teeqo revealed more about his side of the ‘Save the Kids’ “pump and dump” drama that got him suspended from FaZe Clan alongside Jarvis and Nikan (while Kay was outright removed from the org).

As the episode with the ‘Save the Kids’ crypto allegations unfolded, Teeqo was in Sweden spending time with loved ones and expressed frustrations of how the situation embroiled him without his side of the story.

“I feel like I never got treated as an individual who made his own decision. I just got lumped up with everything else,” Teeqo said. “I haven’t even got to say anything. You haven’t even heard my story.”

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He revealed his uncertainty of continuing with content creation, but the situation had reached a point where he couldn’t avoid touching on it.

Teeqo maintained that he never invested in the crypto with the intention of pulling out, and explained where he stood as the ‘Save the Kids’ coin launched.

“I even got hate for deleting my tweets,” Teeqo said. “The only reason I deleted the tweets, literally within 15-20 mins of the coin being up, was because I didn’t want people to buy in and potentially lose money.

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“Clearly [the coin] was crashing. I was watching the chart when it went live, bought in more once it was live, and it crashed in front of my f**kin’ eyes. And I shut my laptop.”

The Swedish YouTuber also said he never worked on the coin in its inception and was drawn into the endeavor for its charitable aspect. He tied his name and face to the coin through promotion, and got hit with the consequences once it came to a head.

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“If I had any intentions to even take my own f**king money out, I would have done it,” Teeqo explained. “I could have probably saved a majority of my own investments even a week after… I lost my whole f**king life over this.”

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Teeqo was among FaZe Clan members and Ricegum who promoted the ‘Save the Kids’ crypto token.

There’s a realistic possibility of jail time for anyone who attempted charity fraud over the ‘Save the Kids’ coin, according to lawyers. Teeqo maintains that that was not what he signed up for.

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Teeqo is still suspended from FaZe Clan in the fallout of the ‘pump and dump’ accusations, as most of the influencers involved have yet to speak on the matter.

“I’ve been in FaZe for a decade,” he said. “I’m not saying I’m their biggest member, I’m not saying I’m the best member, I’m not saying I’ve done the most. But I’ve always f**king done right.

“Yes I should have never been a part of this. Yes, it was a mistake. Yes, that’s on me, I’m not denying that. But I didn’t f**king do it. I didn’t f**king do it.”

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