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FaZe Clan’s ‘Teeqo’ Provides Major Update On His US Visa Situation

Published: 21/Aug/2018 20:34 Updated: 21/Aug/2018 20:36

by Albert Petrosyan


FaZe Clan content creator Jakob ‘Teeqo’ Swarden has provided a major update regarding his ongoing US Visa situation.

The Swedish YouTuber has announced that he has officially acquired his Visa and been granted the right to rejoin his fellow FaZe members in the US.

Teeqo announced the good news via a post on his Twitter page on August 21.

His tweet was clearly full of emotion as the longtime FaZe member could not be happier to be returning to the States.

After spending nearly three years in the US, Teeqo was forced to return to his native country of Sweden in May of 2018 after his Visa had expired, leaving him without any legal grounds to remain in the US.

Despite being a member of a prominent organization such as FaZe Clan, Teeqo had to wait out the lengthy process of renewing his Visa in Sweden before he could return to the team house in Calabsas, CA.

Luckily for the YouTuber, his renewal request was approved rather quickly, something he had predicted would happen in a video he released shortly after moving back to Sweden.

With all of the paperwork complete, and Visa in hand, Teeqo will no be able to legally return to the US, although it is not clear whether his stay will be permanent, and if not, for how long he will be allowed to remain before he has to go through this process again.


Hair by Chrissy under fire after Dixie D’Amelio’s hair falls out

Published: 21/Oct/2020 19:16

by Virginia Glaze


TikToker and hair stylist ‘Hair by Chrissy’ is coming under fire, yet again, after Dixie D’Amelio claimed her hair was falling out due to her new extensions — and while she never said who they were from, it seems the internet has already chosen its preferred target.

Dixie D’Amelio showed off her brand-new hair color in a Tweet on October 20, going from her usual deep black to a gray/white look that caused fans to flip out and inspired us all to get a little daring with our everyday style.

However, there’s more than her new hair color that’s stirring up the TikTok world; in an October 15 podcast episode with sister Charli, Dixie admitted that her hair is falling out after getting pricey new extensions from a shop that she carefully declined to name.

“I don’t know if my hair is falling out, but I think it’s falling out from them,” she admitted. “So I’m like, kinda scared. I’m losing hair, but it’s connected to the extension… there’s like white pieces all at the end of each piece of hair.”

“Now I’m like, really concerned,” she continued. “Like, does it look bad? I’m scared.”

(Topic begins at 0:50)

Although Dixie never shared where she received her new extensions — which she claimed had a hefty price tag — internet detectives are pointing the finger at Hair by Chrissy, a fellow TikToker and hair stylist who has come under fire recently for alleged discrimination and other faulty business practices.

In fact, her salon posted Dixie’s before and after photos from her appointment with them to Instagram (although it’s worth noting that all comments are currently disabled).

Chrissy’s salon has also received quite a few negative reviews from customers over extensions, with one reviewer claiming that “this salon is not just so overpriced for crappy hair extensions and color, but also leave you with dry, damaged hair in the end.”

A reviewer describes their negative experience at Hair by Chrissy's salon.Hair by Chrissy has received a number of negative reviews, with many accusing the salon of discriminatory practices.

Another wrote, “Extensions don’t look blended at all, and she doesn’t give a crap about you unless you have TikTok followers.”

Considering all the hullabaloo surrounding Chrissy, many fans of Charli and Dixie are hitting out at the stylist on social media, predicting an end to her business in the near future.

“Are we surprised?” one commenter said of the situation. “No. That’s the service you get when you go to a place that’s racist and doesn’t know how to do hair well.”

Commenters decry Hair by Chrissy's salon.

“Hair by crispy,” several others joked.

Although Dixie is clearly trying to avoid any hair drama, fans are certainly convinced that Chrissy is to blame for her faulty extensions as more viewers point the finger at the controversial stylist.