Tayler Holder updates fans after “freak” car accident leaves vehicle totaled

Virginia Glaze
Tayler Holder updates fans after freak car accident

TikTok star Tayler Holder is alive and well after sharing a “freak” car accident he was involved in that left his vehicle completely totaled.

Tayler Holder is a popular online celebrity who is best known for his content on TikTok, where he boasts a whopping 20 million followers.

Holder often uploads dance videos and humorous collaborative skits with other social media stars… but on Easter Sunday, his fans were met with a shocking video that differed wildly from his usual output.

On Sunday, April 9, Holder uploaded a nine-second clip to TikTok, in which he claimed that he’d been in a serious car accident along with one of his friends, Chreesh.

Tayler Holder shows off car damage after “freak” accident

The influencer showed a photo of his car, the front hood of which was completely crushed. The picture shows the car being towed away from the scene of the crash, which took place on a highway at night.

“Grateful to be alive this Easter,” Holder said in his video. “Truly a blessing we were able to walk away from this one. Thank you God for watching over us last night. Happy Easter!”

He showed off another photo of the incident, as well, which seemed to capture the accident that took place. In the photo, the car was smashed up against the rear bumper of another vehicle in front of it in bumper-to-bumper traffic — pointing to a possible rear-end collision.

Holder also posted a photo of the scene to SnapChat, which he called a “freak” accident.

“Freak accidents can happen at any moment, guys,” Holder wrote. “Please everyone, be careful and wear your seat belts! Truly is a blessing me and Chreesh are still alive.”

Luckily, Holder is safe and sound after the ordeal — and fans are relieved that he made it out of the situation alive, with many commenters showing their support and love for the popular TikToker.

Holder is just the latest influencer to get into a motor vehicle crash after up-and-coming TikToker Kara Santorelli tragically died in an accident last month.