Tayler Holder slams Sommer Ray over Charly Jordan dating rumors

Tayler Holder Sommer Ray cheating rumorsYouTube: Sommer Ray, Tayler Holder

TikTok star Tayler Holder notably parted ways with YouTuber and fitness model Sommer Ray in summer 2020, and drama is still brewing between the ex-couple nearly a year later.

Tayler Holder and Sommer Ray’s relationship was a tumultuous one; it seemed like the couple were about to make it official before breakup rumors started to surface, with the two unfollowing each other on Instagram and deleting all of their TikToks together.

Holder confirmed their split a short while later in a frustrated Tweet, but he wasn’t the only one who was upset about the breakup drama. Sommer Ray appeared to shade an unknown party, writing in a cryptic Tweet, “Girl code doesn’t exist to some b****es, I swear.”

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This “girl code” post was later thought to refer to Charly Jordan, who Holder started dating amid his breakup wit Ray — and Ray made it clear that she wasn’t a fan of the model in subsequent paparazzi interviews.

A year later, Ray spoke out about the purported cheating in an episode of the Mom’s Basement podcast, claiming that Holder had tried to get back with her while he was dating Charly Jordan (who was stuck in Africa at the time due to the global health situation).

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Ray stated that Tayler had spotted her and her new boyfriend at a party and “puffed up” before taking her man out onto a balcony to plead with him to stop dating her.

“Tayler is crying to him, tears,” Ray said. “‘Please, I love this girl, if you don’t stop talking to her! You need to stop talking to her!’ While he’s dating Charly and while I’m at a party with my new boyfriend.”

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“They were out there for an hour,” she continued. “He says, ‘If you don’t stop talking to her, we can’t be friends again.’ …he’s crying, dude. Tayler cries a lot.”

That’s not all; Ray said she was surprised and hurt by Tayler’s alleged cheating because of their shared religion, claiming that he “doesn’t practice what he preaches.”

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Tayler was quick to clap back at Ray’s tell-all podcast episode, writing in a charged tweet, “Don’t go on podcasts speaking false about me or I’ll tell the full REAL story!”

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It doesn’t look like the bad blood between these two influencers is dying down anytime soon, but one thing is for certain: it’s clear that fans can’t wait to hear Tayler’s side of the drama.