Tana Mongeau shades Jake Paul after ex-hubby calls her a “sloth”

Tana Mongeau hits back at Jake Paul sloth tiktokYouTube: Tana Mongeau, Jake Paul

YouTube star Tana Mongeau had the perfect response for ex-husband Jake Paul after the influencer-turned-pro boxer called her a “sloth” in a TikTok.

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul were once two peas in a pod. The influencers notably began dating in 2019, after which they became engaged and later “married” in the same year.

However, the legitimacy of their live streamed “marriage” was called into question almost immediately, with many critics theorizing that the YouTubers had fabricated their entire relationship for clout.

Although the two never legally confirmed their union on paper, Mongeau did seem to hold strong romantic feelings for Paul… but things weren’t meant to be, as the two called things off in early 2020 for a “break.”

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This break ended up being a permanent “divorce” of sorts for the ex-couple. They appeared to remain close friends for a while, but now, it looks like Jake is taking some shots below the belt toward his “ex-wife.”

In a TikTok uploaded on August 3, Paul referred to Mongeau as a “sloth” while participating in a trend showcasing the L’s he’s taken throughout his career (which included his scuffle with Floyd Mayweather and being “fired” from Disney).

Mongeau, of course, is always happy to join in jokes and japes, and shot back at her ex-hubby with an equally stinging insult. Rather than using words, though, Mongeau simply held her thumb and pointer finger about an inch away from each other, hinting at… well, you get the point.

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That’s not all — Mongeau also included a thumbnail from a video uploaded by Alissa Violet, one of Jake Paul’s exes, who accused the boxer of being “mentally and emotionally abusive” toward her.

This isn’t even the first time Mongeau has referenced Violet while hitting back at Paul, either; in 2020, she uploaded a TikTok vibing to Violet’s diss track “It’s Every Day Sis,” saying, “I remember where I was when this song dropped. Had no idea I’d marry the subject. Vibes.”

While Mongeau was once an avid supporter of Paul’s career and even got close with his new girlfriends after their split, it looks like there’s no love lost between these former lovebirds who managed to fool the entire internet with a fake marriage.

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