Logan Paul gets insane $700,000 offer for CryptoPunk NFT

Logan Paul

One of the latest NFT crazes sweeping through influencer circles are the CryptoPunks. These innocent-looking pixel portraits can fetch insane prices, and apparently someone offered Logan Paul $700,000 for just one.

You may have seen FaZe Banks selling one of these NFTs just a few days before for over $500,000, but that very well could just be the tip of the iceberg.

That’s because just a couple of days later, Logan Paul apparently one-upped him at the CryptoPunks game – at least in price. On August 3, Logan revealed he’d gotten an offer for more than $600,000 for one of the NFTs.

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“Just got a $630,000 offer for my favorite CryptoPunk… should I sell?” Paul posted on Twitter. While anyone in their right mind would probably sell with that offer, Logan apparently decided to hold off.

“A couple months ago, I bought this CryptoPunk. This one’s my favorite, I have a bunch, but this one’s my favorite,” Logan explained. “I just got a bid on it for $632,000, which is insane for a jpeg. But the question is: should I sell it at that price, or should I hold?”

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Like we said, anyone who’s not already a multi-millionaire YouTuber-turned-boxing star would probably seriously consider that offer. However, the elder Paul brother chose to hold, even when the price continued to go up.

$700,000 for an NFT

“UPDATE: was offered $700k but decided not to sell,” he updated a few minutes later. Either he REALLY likes that CryptoPunk, or he’s confident the price will continue to rise. Either way, that’s a lot of money on the table.

However, $700,000 isn’t the most a CryptoPunk has ever gone for, as a couple have sold for well over $1 million already. With more and more influencers getting involved as you read this, the average price could continue to rise.

For instance, 100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot is also going in on the CryptoPunk trend, as you can tell by his latest Twitter profile picture. The NFT craze might be slowing down from it’s popularity earlier in 2021, but it will be interesting to see how high the prices for CryptoPunks can actually get.

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