Tana Mongeau reveals “emotional” aftermath of Logan Paul loss

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YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI threw down in the boxing ring to settle their grudge once and for all – but the judge’s split decision awarded KSI the victory, leaving Paul with the first loss of his professional career.

As viewers know, it’s not just the fighters themselves who are affected by the outcome of their matches: family, friends, and fans alike are also invested in the proceedings, as evidenced by Jake Paul’s tearful reaction to the match.

MTV starlet Tana Mongeau opened up about her husband’s emotional response to the judges’ decision in an interview with Clevver TV at the 2019 Peoples’ Choice Awards, calling the aftermath “crazy.”

KSi was awarded the victory by split-decision – an outcome that resulted in “emotional” reactions from Jake and Tana Paul.

While some critics might have their doubts about the couple, Mongeau claimed that she and Jake were able to support each other during one of the tensest nights of their lives.

“I adore Jake,” the YouTuber began. “Last night, I felt like we were there for each other after the fight, and that was like a crazy, emotional moment. We’ve been doing a lot of crazy stuff. I’m excited to kind of chill out, now that Logan’s done training.”

That’s not all: Mongeau also revealed that Logan was comparatively less saddened by the outcome of his rematch, while she and Jake were barely able to contain their emotions.

According to Tana, Logan was raring to get back in the ring after his loss – but little brother Jake was teary-eyed.

“Logan was ready for another [fight],” she continued. “He’s such a fighter, it’s insane. He’s so passionate about what he does that you can tell he was just ready to go, get better, and go back. It’s funny because Jake and I were like [mimics crying]. It was so emotional! …I think Jake and I were the more emotional of the Pauls than Logan.”

Tana isn’t lying about Jake’s high-strung response to the fight, either: a video taken by the youngest Paul brother shows him shedding a few tears in the locker room after the proceedings, and even arguing with coach Shannon Briggs over the ordeal.

Despite his loss, Logan looks forward to facing off with other big names in the future – namely, CM Punk and Dillon Danis, although the jury is still out on his potential career in MMA.

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