TikToker stuck in Taco Bell drive-thru for 40 minutes after customer orders $300 of food

viral TikTokTikTok: emily._.stott and Taco Bell

Taco Ball is known for its cheap tacos — but what happens when you order $300 worth of food? Well, you’ll probably get flamed on the internet for one, and cause a huge line behind you as this TikToker found out.

In a recent viral TikTok, a Taco Bell drive-thru order caused a huge line of cars to wait for well over 40 minutes after purchasing $300 worth of food all at once.

While in line, TikTok user @emily._.stott peeped her head out the window and yelled “yo! The reason this line is so mother f**kin long — cuz this mother f**a ordered $300 worth of tacos! And he gave Taco Bell no heads up!”

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The random customer pulled up on Taco Bell through the drive-thru and ordered enough food for 20 people. And with a long line of customers waiting behind, their fast food quickly became slow food.

The video continued: “that’s like, a hundred f**king tacos!”

A second voice chimds in, “is he fine though? Like, can we see him?” The camera person brought it back, revealing her concerned face towards the comment and ending the viral clip.

The comments poked fun at the situation: “The way she exposing this guy to everyone behind her😂😂😂😂”

Another commented: “This is the kind of update we need in a Drive-Thru.”

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Though comical, the video brought up concerns on this behavior — with many agreeing such orders shouldn’t be allowed without a heads up.

One TikTok user claimed “when I worked at Taco Bell, if they made orders like that we told them they had to call ahead and we canceled their order,” while another stated “I wish these people would just do it online. Would be quicker for everyone.”

If you’re ever considering ordering $300 from any fast food chain, perhaps make an online order or call in advance. But definitely head inside to wait for the food — rather than force everyone behind you to wait as well.

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