Syndicate explains why he’s no longer vlogging on a Sunday

YouTube: Life of Tom

Popular YouTuber Tom ‘Syndicate’ Cassell has revealed that he will no longer be vlogging on Sundays, putting an end to around three years’ worth of daily vlogging.

Syndicate’s impact on the UK YouTube scene is profound, and he has been one of the biggest names on the platform for the better part of the last decade. For a significant portion of that, he filmed every day to share all of the highs and lows of his daily life with his millions of subscribers.

However, in a video uploaded on January 6, Syndicate explained that he will be taking one day a week off of vlogging, giving him time to rest and do other things.

Twitter: ProSyndicateSyndicate seems to have become YouTube royalty since he started uploading back in 2010.

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It was evidently a big announcement to make for Syndicate, who has lived this way for around four years and may now find himself lost for time on Sundays, but he explained his decision in the video uploaded to his second channel, called Life of Tom.

“For three years I did daily vlogging without fail,” he said. “I love it. I always have done and always will do. Vlogging gives me a purpose. But I am making the decision that I think is the smartest, and that is that for the entirety of this year, I’m going to be taking Sundays off.”

He goes on to explain that this will mean no vlog uploads on a Monday, but does go on to offer an alternative plan that his viewers might get behind, suggesting that he might bring back ‘Syndicate Sunday.’

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Cassell explains that this way, he can still have a video go up every day but can do things like one-off challenge videos that are easy to create and edit, meaning he leaves his Sunday completely free each week.

Syndicate clearly appreciates that his daily vlogs may have become habitual viewing for his biggest fans, who will now go a day without content from him. He said: “A lot of you have watched me for so long, and I hope you’re cool with it, understand it, respect it. But what can you do every day unless you don’t have a house, you travel a lot, you don’t see your family all the time? I’m a family person.”

Syndicate goes on to call himself a “daily-ish” vlogger, which seems an apt title since it’s really only one day missing. That said, it seems the daily vlog is really starting to lose its appeal to YouTubers, with many of the top names that have done daily vlogs in the past, like Casey Neistat, slowly stopping them.