Sykkuno responds to fans requests for Minecraft stream with Corpse Husband

Sykkuno and Corpse Husband togetherTwitch: Sykkuno/Corpse

Twitch star Sykkuno dashed fans’ hopes of seeing him and Corpse Husband reuniting in Minecraft, noting that the OfflineTV server has become a little dead. 

For the last few weeks, Sykkuno has pretty much put his variety streaming ways aside and focused on GTA RP, with his Yuno character becoming the best hacker in the city. 

He’s sort of split off from his Among Us group of pals – Valkyrae, Corpse Husband, Disguised Toast, and others – as a result of becoming a top-tier criminal in RP.

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He has reunited with some of them outside of Twitch, meeting up with members of OfflineTV for parties in Vegas, but Corpse Husband has been absent and fans want to see Sykkuno team up with him again.

Sykkuno has become massive in GTA, and thats where you’ll usually find him.

During his June 24 stream, Sykkuno was once again asked if he’d be playing any games with Corpse anytime soon, and if the pair would be hopping on Minecraft.

“He hasn’t been streaming? Yeah, he’s been busy guys. I’m sure we’ll play again sometime,” Sykkuno said when asked about what Corpse has been up to.

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Some fans suggested that they should return to Among Us or Minecraft, but they both appeared to be non-starters. “Gonna play Minecraft together? Yeah, Minecraft yeah, copium,” he replied in a sarcastic manner. 

Sykkuno added that was pretty sad that the server had died off a bit, seeing as he’d even gotten a custom skin for GTA RP star Buddha made for when he joined the server. 

As for a Sykkuno and Corpse reunion, it might come in Rust when the OfflineTV server relaunches in early July. Sykkuno said he was concerned about playing at first, but he seems to have changed his mind since, so maybe they’ll fight it out together over some scrap metal.

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