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Sykkuno explains concerns with OfflineTV Rust server relaunch

Published: 30/May/2021 11:06

by Connor Bennett


Streaming star Sykkuno has hinted at the fact that he may not stick with the OfflineTV Rust server when it relaunches given that its going to be pretty different this time around.

At the end of 2020, a number of Twitch’s biggest names all dove into the OfflineTV Rust server and helped propel the game to being the most-watched category on Twitch.

Over time, the server split up between those who were there mainly to roleplay, and those who wanted a more natural Rust experience with constant battles, looting, and griefing. It all culminated in a big blow-off between xQc’s squad, Team Rocket, and Myth’s team, as the two fought for a few hours over one spot of land.


It’s been revealed that the server is making a return in July, with a number of big names signed up again. However, Sykkuno isn’t sure if he’ll be a part of it.

Rust characters running on grass
Facepunch Studios
OfflineTV’s Rust server massively boosted the game’s player count.

During the start of his May 28 stream, the popular content creator spoke about a few different topics, including how GTA RP is starting to ‘slow down’ for criminals and how it might be time to jump off.

Sykkuno noted that he’s going to join OfflineTV’s Minecraft server when that gets going, but he isn’t too sure about playing Rust again.

“I’ll be honest guys, I’m not sure if I’m playing on the Rust server,” he said. “Let me explain why: the Rust server, from what I’ve been told, is not like a roleplay Rust server – it’s just regular Rust, with streamers. Which means, everyone just kills each other on sight.”


Sykkuno continued on, noting that he doesn’t think it’s “fun” to “senselessly kill each other,” which is essentially what Rust boils down to when you’re not roleplaying.

The streamer noted that he’ll probably try it out, given his friends will be playing, but it could become pretty boring, pretty quickly.