Sykkuno calls Amigops snub “weird” in Streamer Awards Among Us recap

Sykkuno side-by-side with Among Us character being eatenTwitch: Sykkuno/Innersloth

Twitch star Sykkuno admitted it felt “weird” to see himself and the Amigops – Disguised Toast, Valkyrae, and Corpse Husband – left out of the Among Us recap section of the Streamer Awards in favor of other creators. 

While Innersloth’s Among Us was released in 2018, it took until 2020 for it to become an internet phenomenon. At the back end of 2020, it was near impossible to go on social media without seeing at least one clip from the party game.

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Even though plenty of streamers and content creators jumped on board with the game, it was the Amigops – Disguised Toast, Sykkuno, Valkyrae, and Corpse Husband – who led the way with their all-star lobbies and hijinx.

Plenty has been made about the group helping make Among Us an even bigger success than it already was, and their lobbies were even shown some love on late-night shows. Though, when it came to the Streamer Awards, they didn’t quite get the recognition.

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The sleeper hit became a popular staple among streamers.

In his March 13 stream, Sykkuno was reflecting on the community award show, praising his pals for winning awards. Though, he couldn’t help but feel snubbed when it came to the Among Us recap portion of the night.

“Me, Toast, and Rae were like ‘oh my god guys this is our chance, we’re going to be on TV’ and then you look at the Among Us section and like none of us were in it,” the Twitch star said while watching part of the show back.

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Sykkuno noted that Trainwrecks got some shine during the section, which made sense given his success with the game too, but it “felt weird” that the Amigops were left out. “I was just so confused, I don’t want to be like overconfident or something but I was just shocked that literally none of us were included in the Among Us section,” he added.

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The streamer further noted that he didn’t want to point the finger of blame at anyone as they simply may just not have known. “There were so many good Among Us clips, and they didn’t have any of us,” he continued.

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“I hope that’s not weird to say because someone out there is going to be like ‘oh man this guy just wanted to be on the screen’ but I do feel like it was strange to have the Among Us section and not have any of the people who played Among Us every single day, all the time.”

Obviously, it’s just one recap of the Among Us era, but everyone will remember the impact that Amigops had regardless of their snub.

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