Sykkuno appears in Bella Poarch ‘Dolls’ music video and Grimes could join him

Bella Poarch Grimes Sykkuno DollsInstagram: Grimes, bellapoarch / Twitch: Sykkuno

Bella Poarch is working up to the release of her next song, ‘Dolls,’ and teased a quick clip of the track’s upcoming music video — which features a few big social media stars, and possibly even Grimes herself.

Bella Poarch’s next big track is on the way… and with it, another big-budget music video.

First breaking into the music biz with her debut track ‘Build a Bitch’ last year, Poarch later released her song ‘Inferno’ in August 2021 to high praise from fans.

Bella Poarch InfernoYouTube: Bella Poarch
Bella Poarch and Sub Urban collabed for her song ‘Inferno.’

Both songs had accompanying music videos that featured a slew of influencers, like Valkyrae, Pokimane, Bretman Rock, Larray, and more.

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It looks like this trend is set to continue with Poarch’s next music video for her upcoming song ‘Dolls,’ as she teased a short snippet of the vid in a Twitter clip on July 12.

The video shows YouTube streamer Sykkuno applying a powderpuff to singer and influencer Madison Beer’s face. The two seem to be in a salon of sorts, with Sykkuno dressed in a pink uniform with a fast-food sailor hat akin to In-N-Out.

The camera then pans over to another area of the shop, where Larray, also dressed as a worker, dusts decorations with a feather duster.

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Makeup guru Bretman Rock can be seen looking through the shop window before the clip ends — and fans can’t wait to see the full thing.

That’s not all; Poarch uploaded yet another clip from the music video on July 13, which shows a distraught Bella Poarch cradling an unconscious Valkyrae. Someone mysterious approaches them with a cybernetic hand… and it could be Grimes, if Bella’s tag is anything to go by.

Dolls is set to release on Friday July 15, 2022 — and even though it hasn’t come out yet, it’s already achieved viral status on TikTok where it’s become a mainstream trend.

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